2018 Board of Governors

Emmanuel S. Baes, MD
Fidel L. Baldovino, MD
Domingo S. Bongala, Jr., MD
Dean Cyril Y. Catot, MD
Benjamin G. Herbosa, MD
Kaye Pioquinto-Jimenez, MD
Lara Lapena-Kare, MD

Dennis H. Littaua, MD
Marc Paul J. Lopez, MD
Frederick B. Pua, MD
Ricardo Jose D. Quintos II, MD
Alfredo F. Tan II, MD
Raymond Joseph R. Manzo, MD
Elvin L. Panliboton, MD

Steve Glicerio J. Rama
Leandro L. Resurreccion III, MD
Bernardo Julius A. Rocha, MD
Servando Sergio DC. Simangan, Jr., MD
Demie O. Tidon, MD
Samuel Vincent G. Yrastorza, MD
Jose Francisco A. Aguilar, MD


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