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September 30, 2014, Comments Off

PHILIPPINE COLLEGE OF SURGEONS COMMITTEE ON EXTERNAL AFFAIRS & PUBLIC RELATIONS GENERAL GUIDELINES INFORMATIVE POSTER CONTEST (PCS FELLOW POSTER) INTRODUCTION: In line with the College’s vision of promoting a well-rounded image of a PCS Fellow, the previous poster which details the benefits of being a Fellow and why a patient undergoing surgery should choose »

Presidents Corner

September 13, 2013, No Comments

One of the greatest achievements one  can have  as  a surgeon is  to be given the opportunity to be in charge in running the affairs  of his college.  I  am  truly  grateful for  your  trust and  I am humbled  by this  singular honor  bestowed upon me of  occupying this  high  and  historic  position,  burdened »

Fellowship Programs

September 12, 2013, No Comments

The Urology Training programs in the Philippines are now accepting applicants for residency training. There are currently two ways of entering into these programs and they are as follows: Straight Program - this is a 6 year program wherein the accepted resident has to go through 2 years of General Surgery training in the »


September 12, 2013, No Comments

Fellow of the only organization of surgeons that is officially recognized by the PMA as part of the Specialty Division. The largest organization of surgeons in the country A strong voice in upholding your rights & privileges as a surgeon. The PCS has committees that push for legislation favorable to surgeons, attending hearings & »